128, Running Creek Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6J 7B1
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Revenue Canada Charity Business Number: 10765 4394 RR0001

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*Temple is closed starting

Sunday, May 2, 2021 evening*

Due to the current high Covid-19 cases in the Edmonton region, considering the safety of all, the Temple will be closed to devotees starting May 2, evening for two weeks minimum. During the closure the Priests will continue daily pooja rituals behind close doors. The Board will evaluate the situation carefully and reopen the temple for devotees’ access when it is feasible. During this period, devotees can sponsor the temple services (except Homas) in absentia only. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please check the Temple website for reopening updates.

For booking temple services in-absentia, please book online by clicking here  to acces the google form or send an email to Please click here to find out the services available in-absentia  and the fees for the services.

To view the 2021 Calendar in English click here or Tamil click here
2021 May
May 3, Monday Nadesarabishekam 
May 8, Saturday Sani Pradosha Vratham
May 10, Monday Amavasaya Vratham
May 11, Tuesday Karthikai Vratham
May 15, Saturday Chaturthi Vratham
May 17, Monday Sashti Vratham
May 23, Sunday Pradosha Vratham
May 25, Tuesday  Vakasi Visakam,  Pournami Vratham
May 28, Friday Sankadahara Chaturthi Vratham

Last updated:  2021-05-06 11:29:06 AM