128, Running Creek Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6J 7B1
Phone & Fax: (780) 988 5161, email:

Revenue Canada Charity Business Number: 10765 4394 RR0001

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*Devotees' Temple Access Hours*

Monday to Friday: 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 10:30 AM – 12:45 PM

(No devotee access on Weekday Mornings & Weekend Evenings)

*Abishekam Sponsor: In-person Attendance*

From April 1st, 2021, a very limited number of Abishekam sponsors can be present in the temple during the pooja starting at 6:00 PM during weekday and 9:00 AM during weekends. Sponsors must book the Abishekam at least 24 hours in advance. Walk-in and same-day reservations will not be accepted.

There may be limitations on how many Abishekams can be sponsored at the same time. We recommend contacting/reserving the Abishekam through the temple website (preferred) or at the office well in advance. The temple will contact the sponsor if their request cannot be accommodated. Abishekam can be sponsored in-absentia as well. Other devotees will be able to visit the temple between 7:30 PM and 8:45 PM on weekdays and between 10:30 AM and 12:45 PM on weekends. Please send an email  to or call 780 988 5161 or ask the office manager if you would like to sponsor the Abishekam and inquire space availability.

*** Please click here  or send an email to
 or call
780 988 5161 or ask the office manager at the temple
 to arrange available services ***

*Temple Entry Requirements*

(i) Please click here for the details of Temple entry requirements and conditions. (must read and comply with the conditions provided in this link)

(ii) Please click here to access the Alberta Health Services-Self Assessment which is recommended to be completed before visiting the Temple.

(iii) Please click here to access a questionnaire which needs to be printed, completed, and signed on the day of visit (also available at the Temple entrance).

To view the 2021 Calendar in English click here or Tamil click here
2021 April
April 14, Wednesday Karthikai Vratham
April 15, Thursday Chaturthi Vratham
April 17, Saturday Sashti Vratham
April 24, Saturday Sani Pradosha Vratham
April 26, Monday Chitra Pournami Vratham
April 29, Thursday Sankadahara Chaturthi Vratham
2021 May
May 3, Monday Nadesarabishekam
May 8, Saturday Sani Pradosha Vratham
May 10, Monday Amavasaya Vratham
May 11, Tuesday Karthikai Vratham
May 15, Saturday Chaturthi Vratham
May 17, Monday Sashti Vratham
May 23, Sunday Pradosha Vratham
May 25, Tuesday Vaikasi Vratham, Pournami Vratham
May 28, Friday Sankadahara Chaturthi Vratham

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