128, Running Creek Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6J 7B1
Phone & Fax: (780) 988 5161, email:

Revenue Canada Charity Business Number: 10765 4394 RR0001

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Temple Access Hours for Devotees
Monday to Friday: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Sunday:   9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Please check the temple website regularly for devotee access hours on special pooja days.
A maximum of eight (8) households will be allowed inside the temple at any time.
We request the devotees entering the temple to be fully vaccinated.
Face masks and 6-feet physical distancing between households are mandatory inside the temple.
Please click here for the details of temple entry requirements and conditions.
            SERVICE UPDATE: Home Poojas & Additional Services Now Available
The temple has revised the Service/Fee schedules by adding more  services at the temple and private homes. Please click here to find out the services available and fees for the services. Devotees who wish to have the priest conduct approved rituals at their home must meet the specific protocols outlined here. We encourage the devotees who would like to have home services to book online.
         Booking Temple Services (online, in-person or by telephon
e) or Donation
Please click here to access the google form or send an email to to
book the services online or make a donation to the temple. Services can be booked over the counter at the office or by calling the temple
(780 988 5161) when the temple is open to devotees.
2022 Temple Calendars
Printed copies of 2022 Temple calendars in English and Tamil are avaialable from the Temple office for a donation of $3 to cover the printing cost.
To view the 2022 Calendar in English click here or Tamil click here

To download the 2022 Calendar, in English click here or Tamil click here
2022 Pongal Festival (January 14, 2022)
To view the photos of 2022 Thai Pongal Festival, please click here

2022 Januray
January 17, Monday Pournami Vratham
January 18, Tuesday Thaipoosam, Homa 8:30 AM, followed by Pazhniyandavar Pooja.
7:00 PM: Special Lord Murugan Pooja.
Temple is open to devotees from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon and
7 PM to 9 PM.
January 21, Friday Sankadahara Chathurthi Vratham
January 29, Saturday Pradosha Vratham
2022 February
February 4, Friday Chathurthi Vratham
February 6, Sunday Sashti Vratham
February 8, Tuesday Karthikai Vratham
February 13, Sunday Pradosha Vratham
February 14, Monday Nadesarabeshekam
Februray 15, Tuesady Pournami Vratham
February 16, Wednesday Maasi Makam
February 19, Saturday Sankadahara Chathurthi Vratham
February 27, Sunday Pradosha Vratham
February 28, Monday Maha Sivarathiri

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